A collection of powerful, inspiring and challenging stories from youth breaking barriers across Africa. 50 Empowering Stories from across 22 Sub Sahara Africa countries told by 29 Women and 21 Men.


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For the majority of young people, growing up in Africa is a contact sport, only without the funding and technical support. For many of them, the journey to adulthood is like a slow run through a field of high grass. By the time they get there, they are bloody and bruised by a relentless lashing of the blades. And then in young adulthood, they come to a crossroads. They can either let their wounds turn into battle hardened- scars, or they can remain honest and open allowing their afflictions to become the impetus for change and further still, transformation.

This transformation is the golden thread that runs through this book. Each and every person featured has a victory story to tell, regardless of the circumstances at their birth, how they were raised or the hills they had to climb to get to their destination. The book also features industry experts who so graciously shared their stories, knowledge and wisdom because indeed, every young person who succeeds stands on the shoulders of giants.

#YOUTHCAN is a book that will inspire, empower and challenge you to become the best version of yourself. The person featured being only 9 years old and the oldest 60, because Lizz Ntonjira believes in the power and resonance of passing the baton.The book is divided into 12 chapters capturing these candid conversations of ordinary youth doing extraordinary things from Angola, Burundi, Cape Verde, Cameroon,Ethiopia, Guinea Conakry, Gambia, Kenya, Liberia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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4 reviews for #YouthCan

  1. Kui M

    First of all I like the font used and the feel of the pages 🙂
    #Youthcan is a book that will still be relevant 10, 30, 50 years from now.
    Each of the 50 stories are of people who are not from exactly advantaged backgrounds and have chosen unconventional careers and are excelling at it, changing the world one person at a time. I think back to the years 2000/2001 when Homescience, Art & Crafts etc etc were scrapped off the 844 syllabus and how wrong a move that was. We grew up aspiring to be doctors, engineers architects, pilots and lawyers, fullstop. To be employed basically. These 50 guys are a snippet of the people who have chosen to follow the unbeaten paths despite the adversities along the way.
    I couldn’t agree more when one Temwani, a 26 year old guy from Malawi, says the time is ripe for Africa’s youthful population to make the switch from job seeking to innovation and leadership. Expertise is mostly linked to grey hair and years of experience. This needs to change. We all hope to see a generational hand over from the corrupt leaders of yesterday in our lifetime.
    There are too many nuggets in this book. Read it in 2 days and my copy is full of pencil underlines. I enjoyed the Corporate, Entrepreneurship and Media&Art sections the most and could be cause they are the fields I’m in at the moment🙂🙂.
    It’s one of those books you finish reading a better person for sure🙌

  2. Beatrice Njuguna

    First and foremost, congratulations Liz! This is a job well done! You have set the bar way too high! Right from writing it, having it compiled, self publishing and printing (by Kenyan youth! For that matter) all in six months is no small feat and I am in awe and utterly proud of you and your work! Right from the preface where you mention that some of the great people in this book were a WhatsApp group away truly amplified the ‘Your Net worth is Your Network’ mantra.
    Secondly, let us talk about how aesthetically appealing the book cover, cover, design, quality of pages, font size are color are! Not to forget the high quality photos taken! The attention to all of these details never went unnoticed especially learned in how much little time this book came to be! As a book worm, through this book, I feel seen and well thought of. That I was deserving of receiving the final product as a masterpiece.
    Thirdly, the advice and personal journeys to excellence were a much needed boost for me. I sincerely felt invincible both during and after reading the book. It was like reading about my whole family in different parts of the continent trailblazing while leaving no stone unturned. This is the book people need to read to truly know what Wakanda really is like in the social media age! I loved how you highlited the African countries so well, so that people can stop talking about Africa as a country but as a continent! I learned that Gambia is known as The Gambia and there are three Guinea countries in Africa! That was fun to know!
    Lastly, I appreciate that this wasn’t a book solely about women! If it were, I could have never read it and we would have missed out on all the gems that the men are continuing to bettering the course that the continent takes as it pursues a brighter future through its youth!

    This book is a must read!

  3. #YouthCan

    #YouthCan is an absolutely timeless piece! I have shared it with a senior citizen who enjoyed and could resonate with the thought-leaders and take some learnings from the youth featured in the book! I personally was beyond inspired by each of the 50 stories and I can bet it will still make sense to a teenager. It’s gonna be a book that will not lose its relevance many many years to come. The realization that the youth of Africa face similar challenges and the fight is against poverty and nonfunctional systems evoke a fighting spirit and enthusiasm to keep the fire alive, to want more while doing more. It’s a book that got me stable on my toes because I am the change I want to see.

    It’s a sturdy book too and feels great on the hands. The design, printing quality, and layout are commendable. It certainly is a book that is worth the investment of purchase, the quality is top tier.

  4. Regina Mulea

    #Youthcan…I can say it’s one book that give the backbone of what an ordinary youth goes through, especially when you don’t qualify for a white collar Job one tend to step back and ask so many questions.
    I like the fact that it’s diverse the from western Africa to East Africa but at the end of all share the same story.
    It’s a motivational book and very inspiring when you start reading one story it creates and gives you the morale to know what next it builds up very well as the stories gel in well.Congrats Liz kindly if You Can and I know You Can publish another 📖 book.We need such mostly written because it’s like a movie you create these characters in your mind.The layout is professional, the fonts readable and the color eye catching.
    It’s a book that relates to all ages.
    Please grab a copy and get the feel.

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